This online course will help you get results ...

Here is what you can expect:

  • Determine if your business is feasible, what you will sell, what is your niche and where you sit in the market

  • Work out the best place sell your product- markets, online, wholesale or consigment

  • Create a cohesive brand

  • Profile who your ideal customer is

  • Create a 1 page starter marketing plan

  • Get all the business basics in place

  • Calculate your prices for profit

  • Apply, prepare and attend your first market + sell at least $500 in sales

  • Set up your online store and get your first sale!

  • PLUS a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support along the way.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1- Welcome

    • WATCH VIDEO: Welcome - How to navigate this course

    • DOWNLOAD: the workbook

  • 2

    Module 2- Feasibility- Can you make this work?

    • PRINT Notes page (optional)

    • WATCH VIDEO: Feasibility- can you make this work?

    • WATCH Video- Start with the why by Simon Sinek (optional)

    • DOWNLOAD- What is your why?

    • Activity: Go to Facebook

  • 3

    Module 3- Product- What will you sell?

    • PRINT Note pages (optional)

    • WATCH VIDEO:Product- What will you sell?



    • ACTIVITY: Go to Facebook group

  • 4

    Module 4- Place- Where will you sell?

    • PRINT Note pages (optional)

    • WATCH Video- Place- Retail, wholesale and consignment

    • WATCH VIDEO- Markets, fairs, popups and word of mouth

    • Watch video- Getting started online

    • GO To Facebook

  • 5

    Module 5- Price- How to calculate your prices for profit?

    • PRINT Note pages (optional)

    • WATCH VIDEO: Price- Pricing mistakes and market research

    • WATCH VIDEO: How to calculate prices

    • DOWNLOAD AND COMPLETE: Pricing worksheet activity

    • WATCH VIDEO: Payment methods and discounting

    • Activity: Go to Facebook

  • 6

    Module 6- People- Who is your ideal customer?

    • PRINT Note pages (optional)

    • WATCH VIDEO: People- Who is your ideal customer?

    • GO TO: Additional resource on creating a customer avatar

    • DOWNLOAD AND COMPLETE: Customer profile worksheet

    • GO TO Facebook Group

  • 7

    Module 7- Promotion- How will you promote your product?

    • PRINT Note pages (optional)

    • WATCH - Welcome- about this module

    • WATCH VIDEO- Getting started with social media

    • WATCH VIDEO- Setting up your Facebook page

    • WATCH Video- Intro to email marketing

    • WATCH Video- Getting started with Mailchimp

    • READ article: 25 content ideas for your email newsletter

    • WATCH Video: Photography, styling and flatlays

    • READ article: Oh Snap! 10 Tabletop Photography Tips Everyone Should Know

    • READ article: A complete guide to styling photos

    • Activity: Go to Facebook

  • 8

    Module 8- Branding- How will your business stand out?

    • PRINT Note pages (optional)

    • WATCH Video- What is your elevator pitch?

    • WATCH Video- How to create a brand board and top 6 promo tools

    • WATCH Video- How to create a brand board using Canva

    • WATCH Video- Intro to canva

    • WATCH Video- Intro to canva

    • Activity: Go to Facebook

  • 9

    Module 9- Markets- How to attend your first market?

    • PRINT Note pages (optional)

    • WATCH VIDEO: Markets: How to attend your first market

    • DOWNLOAD - Tips for applying for markets

    • DOWNLOAD - Merchandising guide

    • DOWNLOAD - Market day packing list

    • Activity: Go to Facebook

  • 10

    Module 10- Online- Setting up your first online store

    • PRINT Note pages (optional)

    • WATCH VIDEO- Getting started online- Interview with Kristy Morton

    • WATCH VIDEO - Tips for online success

    • WATCH VIDEO- Setting up an Etsy store

    • The Ultimate Epic Guide to Create a Successful Online Shop by ecommerce platforms

    • Go to Facebook

  • 11

    Bonus modules- Business Essentials and resources

    • PRINT Note pages (optional)

    • WATCH VIDEO- Minimum start up requirements

    • WATCH VIDEO: Business essentials

    • DOWNLOAD - Business essentials checklist Download

    • WATCH video- Other business essentials

    • Go to Facebook

    • Congratulations!


  • How long does it take to complete the program?

    The program is a 12 week self paced program which means you can complete it when and where you prefer. We suggest you complete modules in chunks and then consolidate your learning with our activities. There are 10 modules in this course and over 60 lessons and resources. You have 12 weeks access to the course and the facebook group. At the end of this time you might like to progress onto our Growing Program.

  • How long can I access this course?

    Once you purchase this course you have access for 12 weeks from your start date. You can easily complete the program within our suggested 12 week timeframe but if you get stuck, please reach out and let us know. The program also comes with a downloadable work book and video notes which you can keep.

  • What can I do if I finish the course in a few months?

    This course is the first step in your learning pathway. If you want to learn more including selling more at markets, online and wholesaling, check out our Growing Program or Accelerator program which includes our mastermind group or one on one mentoring

  • Will I get instant access to the course?

    Yes, as soon as you join you will be directed to your learners dashboard.

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PLUS a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support along the way.