This is a intermediate/advanced level program. Before starting this course you should:

  • Have an ecommerce store set up and traffic and sales coming in

  • Have an email marketing system set up and a list to email to

  • If you don't meet these prerequisites, you should go back and complete:

    1. Taking your business online (if you don't have an online store)

    2. Getting started with email marketing course.


By working through this program and implementing your learnings, you will achieve the following results:

- Know the key numbers that impact on your online sales and set targets to achieve your results

- Be clear on who your ideal customer is

- Optimise your website for more sales

- Put strategies in place to attract more customers

- Have a system to capture leads

- Convert more online sales

- Engage and delight your customers to encourage repeat business

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Results and Pre-requisites

    • Selling More Online - 7 week program Live Session Timetable

  • 2

    WEEK 1: Getting to know your numbers

    • DOWNLOAD Notes: Week 1- Getting to know your key online numbers

    • WATCH VIDEO-Week 1- Knowing your online numbers

    • COMPLETE ACTIVITY: Know your numbers activity

  • 3

    WEEK 2: Who is your ideal customer?

    • DOWNLOAD NOTES: Week 2 - Who is your ideal customer?

    • DOWNLOAD ACTIVITY SHEET- Creating your customer avatar

    • WATCH VIDEO: Who is your ideal customer?

    • ACTIVITY: Complete the Customer Avatar exercise

  • 4

    WEEK 3: Optimising your website

    • DOWNLOAD NOTES: Wk 3 Optimise your website

    • WATCH VIDEO: Optimising your website

    • COMPLETE ACTIVITY: Website Optimisation activity



  • 5

    WEEK 4: How to attract more traffic

    • DOWNLOAD NOTES: Attracting more traffic

    • WATCH VIDEO: How to attract more traffic to your website.

    • COMPLETE ACTIVITY: Create your content calendar

  • 6

    WEEK 5: How to capture more leads?

    • DOWNLOAD NOTES: Wk 5 How to capture leads?

    • WATCH VIDEO: How to capture leads and create a content calendar


  • 7

    Week 6: How to convert more sales?

    • DOWNLOAD NOTES: How to convert more customers?

    • Selling more online wk 6 web


  • 8

    Week 7 - How to sell more to your loyal customer base?

    • DOWNLOAD Notes: Wk7 Selling more to loyal customers and summery

    • WATCH VIDEO: Wk 7 Selling more to loyal customers and course summary... next steps