Before starting this course you should:

  • Have attended several markets and have sales records

  • Have an active social media account

  • Have an email list set up

  • Be committed to turn up and put your learnings into action.


By working through this program and implementing your learnings, you will achieve the following results:

- Determine your best product mix and stock requirements for next market

- Set sales target for the market

- Create a production schedule to meet your stock requirements to reach your sales target

- Put a promotion in place to boost your sales and drive people to your stall

- Create a marketing and content plan drive them to your stall and website

- Enhance you sales skills to help you sell more

- Be prepared for market day so its stress free and you maximise the opportunity

- Review your market day and action opportunities to build long term customer relationships

Course curriculum

All courses will be recorded and available in the portal later that day.

  • 1

    4 weeks out- Product mix, set sales target, create production schedule

    • DOWNLOAD Notes- Week 1 Product mix, sales targets + production schedule

    • WATCH VIDEO: Product mix, setting sales targets, create a production schedule

    • DOWNLOAD: Sales target and production target template

    • ACTIVITY- Create your production schedule

  • 2

    3 weeks out- Create your promotion and content calendar

    • DOWNLOAD Notes- Week 2- Create your promotion and content calendar

    • WATCH VIDEO: Create a promotion and marketing plan

    • ACTIVITY: Create your content calendar

  • 3

    2 weeks out- Sales skills

    • DOWNLOAD Notes: Week 3 Sales Skills

    • WATCH VIDEO: Selling skills (70 mins)

    • 10 tips to selling more on market day

    • ACTIVITY- Cross selling and Upselling

  • 4

    1 week out-Preparing for market day

    • DOWNLOAD Notes: Week 4 Preparing for Market Day

    • WATCH VIDEO: Getting prepped for market day

    • DOWNLOAD: Market Packing checklist

    • Sales record and target template

    • ACTIVITY- Get ready for market day

  • 5

    Week after market- Market debrief

    • DOWNLOAD NOTES:Week 5 - Market Debrief

    • ACTIVITY- Review your market day

    • WATCH VIDEO:Wk 5 Review your market day


  • How long does the program take to complete?

    We recommend you complete the pro over 5 weeks. You will have 90 days access to the program and access to our GQ Market sellers Facebook group to ask questions.

  • Will I get instant access to this course?

    Yes, you will get instant access the course immediately.

  • How much is this program?

    Our mission is to help creative small businesses to thrive. We charge a nominal fee of $97 for this program to help cover the costs and to ensure we attract genuine people to the program.

  • What if this course isn't for me?

    We want you to love this course. You have 90 days to complete it and each module runs for less than 1 hour. Before enrolling in this course, make sure you meet the pre-requisites above. This isn't a startup course, its for experienced market sellers who want to lift their sales. If you complete at least 3 weeks of this program and you felt it wasn't of value, email us to cancel and we will refund your money. This offer does not apply if you simply don't

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